NYIF G2020 Success Development Program


  • NYIF’s G2020 Success Development Program is designed to help high school, college, and graduate students grow critical skills in leadership,  interviewing, and career development. The program contains 10 live lectures & webinars by leading subject matter experts.

    Program Facts

  • Time to completion: 10 Weeks

  • Price: $(USD) 599 or ¥(CNY) 3888

  • Location: Live Online Instruction via Zoom

  • Admission: Students will be admitted on a rolling basis.

  • Session Duration: Each session will be around 1 hour + 15 – 20 minutes dedicated for questions and answers.

    11/05/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Communication Skills for College & Career Preparation
    11/06/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Presentation and Public Speaking 
    11/12/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Principles of Success in Getting Accepted to College 
    11/13/2021 9-10:30 PM EST The Importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
    11/19/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Executive Presence and The Role of Etiquette in Business 
    11/20/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Uncovering your strengths – What makes you a winning candidate?
    12/03/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Communicating your strengths – How to stand out from the competition
    12/04/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Strategies for winning the interview
    12/10/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Perfecting your presence
    12/11/2021 9-10:30 PM EST Effective essay writing –  How to effectively communicate interests and achievements in the essays




Presenting Subject Experts