Master's Degree
MS in Analytics + NYIF Professional Certificate

Modern technology now provides industries of all kinds with the ability to gather vast amounts of data. But data requires more than just flashy dashboards and reports. In order to make better data-driven business decisions, employers require hybrid IT/business professionals to make data meaningful. Our STEM designated program was built with this need in mind. NYIF will provide part of professional courses, career planning guidance and soft skill coaching, and internship.

In the Master of Science in Analytics degree program, we will help you:

  • develop the critical thinking skills necessary to combine complex data and business value and turn it into actionable insight
  • cultivate expertise in analysis, management, solution architecture and delivery, and hands-on technical skill
  • grow your skills through our comprehensive curriculum, which offers opportunities for inquiry and professional development to round out your experience

MS in Finance + NYIF Professional Certificate

Develop the technical skills required for specialist and management roles in financial enterprise by completing our Master of Science in Finance degree program at UB’s Ernest C. Trefz School of Business. This highly specialized degree will focus exclusively on issues related to finance, economics, and money markets. We will introduce you to modern concepts, such as financial regulation and behavioral finance, that play a critical role in today’s marketplace. NYIF will provide part of professional courses, career planning guidance and soft skill coaching, and internship.

At UB, you will gain the decision-making, problem-solving, and analytical capabilities to solve financial problems, including how to: Evaluate and price a financial opportunity; Gauge the appropriate level of risk to discount future projections; Compare across investment opportunities at a given time and how to allocate among them in an optimal way; Create useful tools for answering financial questions so that reports can be generated automatically and progress can be tracked; Assess and manage risk.


MBA + NYIF Professional Certificate

The MBA program is a total of 36 credits and is made up of three modules: Core Courses, Concentration Courses (choose one of the seven majors), and Capstone.

NYIF will provide part of professional courses, career planning guidance and soft skill coaching, and internship.

Masters in Education (M.Ed.) Online + NYIF Professional Certificate

In our M.Ed. program, you will learn how to apply the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework to proactively design capacity-building learning experiences. Within UDL, learner variability, whether visible or invisible, is seen as an asset. Based in cognitive neuroscience, UDL focuses on designing with variability in mind and removing barriers to learning by frontloading flexible options for engaging learners, teaching important concepts, and building goal-directed learners. In your coursework, you will experience the UDL framework firsthand as program faculty model the principles and actively engage you in applying UDL in your own practice. NYIF will provide part of professional courses, career planning and soft skill coaching, and internship.

Up to 12 credits can be granted to students entering the program — six from prior learning as part of the Alternative Route to Certification, and six from previous teaching experience. Pending portfolio review of these credits, students will be able to complete the remaining 18 credits in as few as 12 months part-time.

This is a joint program offered by Goodwin University and University of Bridgeport. You will learn alongside fellow students from both universities and share experiences in a richly diverse learning environment. Upon completion, your master’s degree will list both universities.

The application requirements


  1. Transcript for last degree earned (Some programs may require transcripts from each institution attended)
  2. Some graduate programs may require letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, personal statement, and resume