Global 100 Youth Leadership Development program is designed for college students/graduate students, young professionals, and family office members to broaden the knowledge with the high-level understanding of emerging and future topics, and to improve the leadership and public communication skills. Most importantly, the program will help to build relationships with professionals and leaders in the political, commercial, financial, cultural, and diplomatic fields in the United States to support the long-term career development.

►15 days of Lectures+ Visits + Exchange activities
►Obtain certification through assessment tests and course exams

Program Core Value

Experienced experts deliver practical knowledge of the industry and share career insights. NYIF offers lectures and training covering a wide range of professional topics. The lectures cover expertise in economics, capital markets, investment, wealth inheritance, personal image building, art and other topics, enabling participants to understand the dynamics of the business world and capital markets and develop a global perspective with insight into multiple fields.

Connect with industry experts and business leaders, Visit the top companies and institutes. Meet influential experts and senior leaders with backgrounds in political, cultural, diplomatic, and public policy. Join the company/institute visits to get a deeper understanding of the business structure and operation

Enhance communication skills. The program will include leadership, personal presentation and image-building sessions. Students will have the opportunity to master and strengthen their communication skills through small-scale interaction with mentors and professionals.

Module I:Capital market and Wealth inheritance(10 Days)

I.   World Economy & Global Capital Markets

1.  World economy analysis
2.  Capital markets and key players
3.  Equity & debt markets, trading and risk
4.  Capital market analysis: New York, London, Hong Kong
5.  Timing and major steps in the IPO process
6.  Desk ready skills and knowledge check

II.   Venture Capital and Direct Investment

1.  Private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC)
2.  Global investment and PE/VC trends and industry opportunities
3.  Project execution process: target screening and valuation
4.  Alternative assets: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
5.  The role of family offices in PE and VC
6.  Desk ready skills and knowledge check

III.   Digital Economy/Supply Chain and Technological Innovation

1.  Digital Economy and Globalization: Challenges and Trends
2.  International supply chain
3.  Technological innovation and investment opportunities
4.  Big data and artificial intelligence
5.  Fintech applications

IV.   Family Wealth Management and Inheritance

1.  Reporting and record keeping
2.  Risk management and insurance
3.  International tax framework design
4.  Family trusts and overseas trust structures
5.  Inheritance and estate planning
6.  Succession planning
7.  Desk ready skills and knowledge check

V.   Corporate Strategy and M&A

1.  Corporate strategy and Business valuation
2.  M&A concepts and theories
3.  M&A process and steps
4.  Key documents in M&A transaction
5.  Global M&A case study
6.  Desk ready skills and knowledge check

VI.   Interview and Presentation Skills, Business Etiquette, Soft Skills

1.  Successful interview strategy, adaptation and advantage demonstration
2.  Gain focus, presentation, remote communication skills
3.  The three pillars of professional presence: communication, appearance, and modesty
4.  Key soft skill in the workplace - Inspire confidence

VII.   Leadership, Communication & Personal Brand

1.  Business communication and interpersonal skills
2.  Strategic decision making, negotiation and persuasion
3.  Business ethics, team building and leadership image building
4.  How to create a personal brand

VIII.   Art Appreciation and Investment

1.  An overview of the global art market
2.  Art finance - art assets, art funds
3.  Art finance - art lending, financing and collateral
4.  Art collection and management

IX.   Wall Street Enterprises Visit and Exchange


X.   Theme Lectures

American Politics, Diplomacy, culture, media,、NGO

Module II:NFT(5 Days, incl. sites visits)

I.   NFT Basic Knowledge

1.  What are NFTs
2.  A brief history of NFTs
3.  Why are NFTs valuable
4.  NFT blockchain basics
5.  Types of NFTs
6.  Ethereum blockchain and "Proof of Stake"

II.   NFT Market Analysis

1.  NFT market overview
2.  NFT consumer behavior analysis
3.  Development and future prospects
4.  Development and future prospects of NFT in China
5.  NFT market risk

III.   Tools of NFT Trade

1.  NFT evaluation tools
2.  Community tools
3.  NFT Whale Watching

IV.   NFT Technicals

1.  MetaMask introduction and main functions.
2.  How to install, create, use MetaMask wallet
3.  Hot vs Cold Wallet storage
4.  Ethereum POW vs POS
5.  Ethereum scaling: Layer1 vs Layer2 protocols

V.   NFT Marketplaces

1.  NFT Marketplaces Intro
2.  Top NFT Marketplaces
3.  Metaverse NFT marketplaces
4.  Offline NFT marketplaces - digital art fairs

VI.   Exploring OpenSea

1.  Introduction to OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace
2.  Create your account on OpenSea
3.  Create and sell your NFT on OpenSea
4.  How to purchase NFTs on OpenSea

VII.   Investing NFTs

1.  Investing in NFTs Intro
2.  NFT portfolio, money management and risk management
3.  NFT ownership rights, copyright and legality
4.  NFT Provenance
5.  NFT Fractional Ownership
6.  What are the NFT blue chips
7.  How to identify collections with potential
8.  Shortlist projects with potential
9.  NFT rarity, pricing, and value
10.  How and when to sell NFTs

VIII.   Visit and Exchange

Note:The above curriculum is indicative, and the final course content will be subject to acceptance of course handouts issued by NYIF.

  • Group activities include the discussions of the hot topics, visits to Wall Street financial institutions and top enterprises in New York, and tour at the American Chamber of Commerce hosted by celebrity guests.
  • Lunch and dinner are included in the program fee.
  • Students from other states or out-of-state will need to cover their own accommodation and NYIF will provide a list of partner hotels with corporate rates.

Company Visits and Networking

  • Networking activities with senior leaders and successful professionals from various industries, guided by experienced trainers.
  • Visits and networking at top companies and financial institutions in New York. New York Stock Exchange, famous Wall Street financial and high-tech corporations, and top firms in the US.
  • Interview Coaching. Explore interests and potentials in the selected industries,, accumulate financial and business literacy, and train effective communication skills
  • Learn about a variety of industry topics and gain insight into various industries. NYIF will provide students with immersive learning experiences to better understand the business and operations of U.S. corporations and international financial markets. Student will receive the certificate of completion after completing the course models and passing the exams. Top students will get referrals for the internship interview.


  • Age range of 20-30 years old. Senior year in college, or currently enrolled in the graduate school (master or doctoral degree), or individual who plans to inherit the family business or explore the new fields or industries.
  • Module 1 tuition: $13,000/10 days; Module 2 tuition: $7,000/5 days (including lunch and dinner on the day of visit)
  • Module 1 and Module 2 tuition: $18,000/15 days (including lunch and dinner on the day of visit)
  • For students and young professionals in North America (limited to 30 students per session)


  • All sessions will be delivered in July and August 2022. Eligible students can choose the session based on their availability.
  • Registrations are open from May 15, 2022.


  • Submission of your latest CV
  • Applicants are selected through an interview
  • After passing the exam, you will be awarded NYIF certificate for this program.
  • Outstanding students are recommended for internships


  • Step 1: Click the application button on the right

  • Step 2: Fill in the application form and submit your resume

  • Step 3: Our program consultant will contact you to confirm your interview date

  • Step 4: Within three working days after the interview, you will receive an admission notice