The Young Finance Scholar (YFS) program of the New York Institute of Finance (NYIF) is a tailored training program designed specifically for pre-college students who have aspirations to explore interests in the finance or business world. Following NYIF's 100-year legacy of providing finance related courses for the professionals, YFS is also taught and designed by senior Wall Street experts and business leaders. YFS aims to nurture at an early age, a strong financial and entrepreneurial acumen among these selected, high-potential scholars. 

  • Gain early understanding of key financial and business knowledge.
  • Learn about capital market and investments.
  • Practice team-work and communication skills in the business world.
  • 10 Instructor-led sessions, 2-2.5 hours each:

    — 9 Lectures (see Program details)
    — 1 Group research project
  • Live Online Sessions
  • Language: English
  • NYIF Young Finance Scholar (YFS) Certificate.
  • Qualification to YFS Advanced programs.
  • Become a NYIF Young Alumni with access to a network of international professionals / alumni of top US universities.
  • Candidates need to submit school reports and be able to communicate and contribute in class using English.
  • Candidates need to have strong interests in building a solid understanding of key finance and business-related concepts , or
  • Plan to sign up for YFS Advanced program for Research, Equity Internship or Startup Coaching with NYIF experts during their high school years

Live lectures courses, covering 10 major financial, business and economic themes:

  • Designed and taught by senior Wall Street financial experts and business leaders.
  • Systematic basic knowledge of finance and business topics, allowing young scholars to understand the dynamics of the business world and capital markets, and develop financial and commercial literacy.
  • Study and network with students from other countries during classes, understand different perspectives, establish long-term contacts, and gain confidence in communicating with people from varied backgrounds.
  • ‘Young Finance Scholar Certificate (YFS Certificate)’ award upon successfully completing attendance in online classes, and all quiz exams.
  • Enhance English communication skills : All sessions are taught in Business English and will offer students the opportunity to intensively practice English communication skills through interactions with their faculty, classmates, and participation in research projects.

Lecture Topics

Theme 1: Wealth Creation and Management
Theme 2: Basic Concepts of the Macro Economy
Theme 3: Basic Concepts of the Micro Economy
Theme 4: Introduction to “Wall Street" and Financial Markets
Theme 5: A Closer Look at the Global Stock Markets
Theme 6: Analyzing a Company from Financial Perspective
Theme 7: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)
Theme 8: Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
Theme 9: Role of “Ethics” in Business and Finance
Theme 10: Future of Finance – FinTech and Sustainable Finance

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Workshops : Group Research Project

Projects focus : Fund Management 

  • Detailed guidance will be given starting middle of first week.
  • Daily breakout to group workshop (0.5 - 1 hour each session)
  • Final group presentation on last day

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Students will act as Young Fund Managers (equity analysts) to do stock selection and research.

  • Pre-screen around 20 companies’ stocks
  • Evaluate each company in detail (using the SWOT and financial ratio analysis)
  • Develop a hypothetical portfolio of no more than 8 stocks
  • Present findings and recommendations as a portfolio pitch

Some examples of Portfolios developed by previous cohorts, available here : 

Type : Investment fund portfolios Simulation Exercise

Format : Expert guidance and presentation (students will work in groups and  prepare a detailed presentation pitch, based on the provided template)

Final deliverables : Group presentation at the end of program on investment thesis, stock selection, and final portfolio. The presentations will be held as a competition and judged by a panel of NYIF global experts. On-site evaluation: Winners will receive certificates of honor based on their performance in the competition.


◎ Choose one of the 3 Sessions:

   Session 1   June 17-28,2024   10:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET.

   Session 2   August  12-23,  2024    08:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET.


Tuition Fee: USD $2,000 per candidate 

◎ Admissions: rolling basis

◎ Application Requirements:
   Application form: see  URL or QR code below
   Personal Information
   School Report or Transcript


Application steps:

Step 1: Visit the link:
Step 2: Fill in application form and submit
Step 3: Our program advisors will contact you and confirm your registration
Step 4: Within one week of your application, you will hear back on the admission