YFS Program Curriculum

Theme 1:

Wealth Creation and Management

♦ Creation of wealth
♦ Saving and investing
Investment asset and return
Business model vs. value creation

Theme 2:

Basic Concepts of the Macro Economy

♦ GDP / income and output ♦ Unemployment / inflation / interest
♦ Monetary policy and fiscal policy
Case study

Theme 3:

Basic Concepts of the Micro Economy

♦ Supply and demand
♦ Market structure and the invisible hand
♦ Consumer and producer
♦ Individual, family and firm’s resource allocation / decision making
♦ Case study

Theme 4:

Introduction to “Wall Street" and Financial Markets

♦ Who are the key stakeholders on Wall Street?
♦ What is an investment bank?
♦ Securities brokers and dealers
♦ Private equity and venture capital firms

Theme 5:  

A Closer Look at the Global Stock Markets

♦ Equity securities
♦ Equity markets
♦ Equities trading
♦ Equity strategies

Theme 6:

Analyzing a Company from Financial Perspective

♦ Assets vs. liability
♦ Equity vs. debt
♦ Revenue vs. cost
♦ Tax and income
♦ Cash flow

Theme 7:

Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

♦ What is an IPO?
♦ Timing and major steps in the IPO process
♦ Fundamentals of bond issuance
♦ Case study

Theme 8:

Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

♦ Who works in M&A
♦ M&A definitions and types
♦ M&A waves
♦ M&A activity in the world
♦ Motivations and drivers
♦ M&A process
♦ Case studies

Theme 9:

Role of “Ethics” in Business and Finance

♦ The concept of ethics
♦ What is right or wrong in doing business ?
♦ Aspirations, fairness and cooperative efforts
♦ Business vs clients and society
♦ Case studies

Theme 10:

Future of Finance – FinTech and Sustainable Finance

♦ Evolution of digitization and technology in finance
♦ New Tech Disrupting Finance
♦ Blockchain and Bitcoin
♦ Concept of Sustainability and Sustainable Development
♦ ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria
♦ Sustainable and Green Investing